Union Endorsements

UNITED ASSOCIATION Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Local 99 

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 197 

Laborers Local 362

Bloomington Firefighters Union -
IAFF Local 49 

Bloomington-Normal Trades & Labor Assembly 

Character Endorsements 

Sharon Chung- Illinois House of Representatives: District 91 

I am supporting Cody Hendricks for Bloomington City Council. Cody is a dedicated public servant, he has the right values, and he wants to fight for working families to give them a voice about important issues facing Bloomington. Cody is the right person for the job. I hope you will support him for Bloomington City Council.

Dave Koehler - Illinois State Senator from 46th Legislative District 

I’m confident Cody Hendricks will do an outstanding job representing the interests of Ward 6 on the Bloomington City Council. Cody is committed to the betterment and growth of this vibrant community, and he has proven himself a leader through his dedicated service. I look forward to seeing all he accomplishes on behalf of Ward 6 and the City of Bloomington. 

Julie Emig - Ward 4 Alderwoman

The City of Bloomington is lucky that Cody Hendricks is running for Ward 6 Alderman. Cody served for four years on the Pekin City Council, has years of experience as an educator, and understands both the impact and intricacies of municipal government. Cody also prioritizes building relationships with residents, business leaders, and community organizations so that he can be a fully informed advocate for all. Because of recent redistricting, Ward 6 will include ALL of downtown, and Cody is committed to downtown revitalization that will lift up the entire city. He is astute, responsive, does his homework, and will serve our community well.

Vicki and Tim Tilton of Monroe Centre

Ward 6 covers the majority of downtown; Ward 6 also includes a great deal of our nearby residential neighborhoods. We need representation by an Alderperson that understands the uniqueness of our beautiful Heart of the City.

Cody Hendricks understands the impact that the core of the city has on Bloomington as a whole. He understand that if Ward 6 is not healthy, the city is not healthy.

Cody has served on a city council previously. He’s intelligent and well educated. Cody  communicates by listening first and then suggesting solutions. He will make sure he has facts to best respond to a situation. 

He has a clear grasp on how a municipal government operates. He has the ability to stay in touch with the constituents in the Ward, but Cody also has a clear grasp on the fact that many property owners, business owners and hardworking employees spend a great deal of their time in Ward 6. Unfortunately, if those citizens don’t reside in Downtown or the surrounding neighborhoods, they cannot vote for Ward 6 representation although they are heavily invested there. He understands that he represents those citizens just as much as those who can vote in Ward 6. Cody knows that Downtown, Ward 6, needs to be well represented by a Alderperson that cares about our city as a whole. 

I will be voting for Cody and, if you reside in Ward 6, I encourage you to Vote for Cody Hendricks, too.

Laurie Barra - Former Mayor of Pekin

Cody Hendricks was elected to the Pekin City Council when I was elected Mayor. Even though Cody was only 18 years old and a soon to be freshman at Eureka College, he was more prepared for meetings than any other council member. Cody researched and asked questions of staff to have a better understanding of agenda items. He diligently attended all meetings. I knew I could count on Cody to ask pertinent questions of staff and to make sound decisions. Cody Hendricks will give the same attention to the City of Bloomington! I happily and without reservation endorse Cody!

Lea Cline - McLean County Board District 8

As a resident of Ward 6, I know how important it is to have a Council representative focused on constituent services—someone who engages with residents in the ward and responds to their needs. The historic neighborhoods in Ward 6 need investment in their infrastructure, downtown businesses need an advocate on Council, and the agencies and programs on the West side, in particular, need a champion who will work for their long-term success. Cody Hendricks’ experience and work ethic make voting for him an easy choice. 

Jeannie Biles - McLean County Board District 8 

Cody Hendricks is the qualified candidate for the Ward 6 Bloomington City Council representative. Not only is he civically minded, knowledgeable, and engaged, he comes with previous City Council experience. His passion and attention to detail is exemplary and unmatched.  Cody is open and transparent regarding his priorities and where he stands on the issues affecting Ward 6 and its constituents. It’s clear he’ll be a representative who will advocate for investing in downtown Bloomington. Be sure to vote for Cody Hendricks for Ward 6 on or before April 4th! 

Tony Smith - Co-Owner of Lucca Grill 

Cody is the kind of servant leader we need in this community. As a Downtown business owner, I know we need someone who will help our community thrive. Cody will advocate for business owners and listen to our needs and concerns. Cody is the kind of servant leader we need on the Bloomington City Council! 

Jan Lancaster- Owner of The Bistro 

We need Cody Hendricks on the Bloomington City Council. As the owner of the Bistro, I’ve experienced first hand how Cody values and supports business owners. As a resident of Ward 6, Cody and I share a vision for Bloomington continuing to become a more inclusive place to live and a safe place for the LGBTQ+ community. For a voice on council who will advocate for all members of our community, join me in voting for Cody Hendricks.

Carmen Champion- Owner of Von Champs Boutique 

As both a Downtown business owner and Westside resident of Ward 6, I am exhausted at having inadequate representation of the Westside and Downtown for the last few years. Cody is a regular participant in Downtown life, he attends events, he self-educates on the issues of our community. Cody regularly walks around and checks-in on the business owners to stay current. Cody has his finger on the pulse of our Ward and with his prior experience in council, he will hit the ground running to get Downtown and Westside the representation we need.

Organization Endorsements 

Equality Illinois

Dedicated to advocating and defending the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, we are confident Cody will be a strong leader who ensures fairness and equitable treatment for everyone. 

LGBTQ Victory Fund 

LGBTQ Victory Fund proudly supports Cody Hendricks' campaign to represent Ward 6 on the Bloomington City Council. Donate directly to Cody's campaign here so we can increase LGBTQ representation in government and build LGBTQ political power across the country. 

Responsible Cities

Cody Hendricks has the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running on day one. A former member of the Pekin City Council, Cody has immersed himself in Bloomington and has a firm grasp of issues and opportunities facing our city. He spent a lot of time talking about the need for the development and redevelopment of Downtown Bloomington, which is good considering it takes up a large chunk of Ward 6. Cody has a vision for Downtown Bloomington that will compliment not only the residents who live there and businesses located within its boundaries, but the entire city. He balances that by being a strong voice for the other neighborhoods in his ward that over the years were too often overlooked by city leaders. A rising tide lifts all boats, and Cody understands we will only be able to move our whole city forward when every neighborhood is treated equitably. He’ll make sure that happens for all residents of Ward 6.