This is a quick guide to Cody Hendricks' stance on the issues important to the Bloomington community. Our campaign is dedicated to giving honest and transparent answers to insure voters have an accurate understanding of how they will be represented in Ward 6. 

How do you feel about
Downtown Revitalization?

I believe Downtown Bloomington is a historic and cultural center to our community. I want to strongly invest in not only the small local businesses but also in creating a walkable and inclusive environment. Bloomington City Council needs to be part of championing this space and providing these businesses with support. 

How do you feel about

As someone who has experienced flooding in my home, I know firsthand how important it is to take care of our infrastructure. As a community we need to ensure that roads, sewers, and water lines are well maintained. 

What is equitable spending and how to you plan to focus on equitable spending?

Equitable spending assures that finances are directed towards areas of need and underserved populations. I want focus on equitable spending because Ward 6 is unique in that it houses the economic driver that houses downtown, but it also encompasses historic and cultural neighborhoods, which need investment.  

How do you feel about
Affordable Housing?

There is a current affordable housing shortage, especially within Bloomington.  I think that this can be tackled through a variety of innovative strategies that Bloomington City Council needs to explore.