About Me

Cody Hendricks for Council

Cody Hendricks is a lifelong central Illinois resident who brings a long-standing passion for local politics to his campaign. An experienced candidate, Hendricks served on the Pekin city council from 2011 until 2015. He is currently a high school history teacher at Olympia High School where he serves as union co-president. Hendricks has served on the Sister City Committee and Beautification Committee in Bloomington.

Hendricks prioritizes supporting and expanding equitable city services, providing excellent constituent relations, and downtown revitalization. As an elected official, Hendricks will work with business owners and residents alike to encourage economic growth and further enhance the downtown experience. Hendricks believes in supporting a vibrant and accessible downtown area while preserving the historic features that citizens enjoy.

Hendricks values social justice and equity. Inclusiveness and representation are cornerstones of Hendricks’ campaign. He will champion city policies that reflect the wants and needs of constituents. He looks forward to engaging with all citizens to ensure that all voices are heard. 

Cody and his partner, Eric, live in the historic Franklin Park neighborhood with their dogs, Atreyu and Lizzy, and cats, Chomsky and Minnie. They enjoy gardening, taking walks through the neighborhood, and spending time downtown.